Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another few songs to wet your whistle for the 2012-2013 Season!

A few more of this season's songs to wet your whistle:

Fare Thee Well, Love - anybody who was breathing and had a pulse in Canada in the early '90s knows or has heard this song.  For a while, the Rankins were everywhere, and this was definitely their signature song.  Ours is the Stuart Calvert arrangment.

Reel a Bouche - The choir so loves doing mouth music, and I always felt that Quebecois lilting, or turlutage, was missing from the choir's repertoire.  This is the year to remedy this, with this arrangement of a Quebecois dance tune by Malcolm Daiglish.

An Innis Aigh - I did an arrangement of this song in praise of Cape Breton, interlacing a little melodic surprise in the middle!

And some old favourites from last year:

Dulaman - the raunchiest song that's only superficially about seaweed that I've ever heard.  We do Michael McGlynn's version.

The Parting Glass -  Traditionally sung only at the end of a night of fun in Ireland; it's a bit of a taboo to sing something else after it.  We usually use this one to close our concerts.

O Chi Mi na Mor Bheanna - Another of an enormous repertoire of celtic songs where the author dreams of going home.  This one is specifically a song of the Scottish highlands.