Saturday, 24 November 2012

Upcoming Concert!

The Ottawa Celtic Choir is proud to welcome the Côr Meibion Cymraeg Montreal (The Welsh Male Choir of Montreal) to Ottawa on December 15th, 2012!  It's going to be a great concert.

We have a great list of Christmas and festive songs planned, in Welsh as well as English, Irish and Cornish.  Come on out and sing along with us to familiar carols from the Celtic countries, and experience the Welsh midwinter tradition of the Mari Lwyd!

For those who don't know, Wikipedia to the rescue:
The Mari Lwyd (Grey Mare or "Gray Mary" in English), also Y Fari Lwyd, is a Welsh midwinter tradition, possibly to celebrate New Year (see Calennig), although it formerly took place over a period stretching from Christmas to late January. It is a form of visiting wassail, a luck-bringing ritual in which a the participants accompany a person disguised as a horse from house to house (including pubs) and sing at each door in the hope of gaining admittance and being rewarded with food and drink.

Here's a clip from BBC Cymraeg from 1966, showing the Mari Lwyd in action:

Here's a little bit of the Côr Meibion Cymraeg Montreal to wet your whistle:

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